Lyoto Machida Sets Sights on Luke Rockhold

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida might have just dropped a decision to Chris Weidman, but he’s already willing and able to get back into the ring as soon as possible. When prompted against who, Lyoto Machida was quick to point to Luke Rockhold.

“I had no injuries against Weidman, after the fight I went back training moderately. In September I’ll start working hard and in October I’ll be able to have a fight. It’s up to the UFC to choose my opponent. I would like to face Rockhold. He’s a former Strikeforce champion, I respect him a lot. I don’t dislike him, we get along well, but it’s a fight that makes sense for both of us and for the fans, once we have good ranking positions and think on the belt.”

Luke Rockhold has his sights set on a title shot himself and a win over Lyoto Machida would definitely push him into that realm, don’t you think? [source]