Lyoto Machida Just Knocked Out His Good Friend Mark Munoz

Man, you really gotta give it up for Lyoto Machida and Mark Munoz for stepping into the ring with each other. First off, they are friends, second, they are training partners and were training together as of a few weeks ago. These guys know each other well, know what the other will go for and also don’t want to hurt the other guy. We hear a lot of fighters complain about the concept of fighting friends, but these guys showed that you can do it without things getting weird.

The bigger story here is Lyoto Machida at Middleweight. He packed some power at Light Heavyweight, but at Middleweight there is no doubt that he will be a killer. He came in for this fight in the best shape that he’s ever been in, which is no lie. You looked at him and the muscle definition was clearly there. Lyoto is a guy that started at Heavyweight and has finally moved to his ideal weight class. Is this going to be the real Lyoto Machida Era?