Luke Rockhold isn’t pleased with Vitor Belfort’s TRT usage.

Something tells me this is just the beginning of the end of TRT. No way it continues on like it has over the last few years. Even Dana White is starting to test those on the exemption more frequently, and the court of public opinion pretty much has these guys labeled as steroids users, for better or worse.

Now, I will be completely honest: I love Hendo and Vitor, I WANT to keep watching them for as long as I can, and if TRT helps that, then I am somewhat fine with that — especially if their testosterone is low, but there are fighters like Todd Duffee who went on TRT at the tender age of 25… And furthermore, we don’t know if TRT is having a negative effect on their bodies like a typical steroid would. It’s a muddy situation, muddied further by clean fighters who want nothing of it.

Luke Rockhold hates TRT, and he has been extremely vocal about Vitor’s use of the therapy. Here’s what he said to Yahoo Sports:

“Just look at his physique, Look at how he looks at [36 years old]. You can’t tell me that at his age, something like that looks natural.”
“TRT use is something I don’t agree with at all,” Rockhold said. “It’s a way to get around the system. They say TRT is needed for low testosterone, that it’s a medical condition. Well, what causes low testosterone? Prolonged steroid use is one cause.”

“It’s frustrating to someone like me, who’s fought clean, has no reason to cheat, and has done things the right way. He was one of the very first fighters I followed as a fan,” Rockhold said. “He’s on the short list of guys, including Randy Couture, who inspired me to give fighting a try. The closer we get to the fight, the more real it becomes. I don’t agree with the choices that he’s made in recent years, but I can’t deny what he’s done in the sport.

“There’s a reason I wanted Belfort,” Rockhold said. “I didn’t want a tune-up fight. I didn’t want an easy fight. I asked for this fight, when Vitor beat Bisping I saw a window of opportunity. I didn’t want to sit around and wait forever.

“I want to take on the best, make the best impression, and show that I’m worthy of a title shot. Vitor’s still got his heavy hands, I respect that and I’m cognizant of it, but I’m confident I can take this fight anywhere he wants to take it. I can win the fight standing and I can win it on the ground.”