Luke Barnatt Talks About How to Make Money as a MMA Fighter


Fighter pay is something that keeps coming up, with many fighters complaining. Not Luke Barnatt, though. Apparently Luke Barnatt feels that he makes a pretty solid living as a MMA fighter, mostly thanks to live appearances and sponsorships, though. One would have to think that Luke Barnatt’s past in public relations helps him out just a wee bit here, right? [source]

“I truly believe – in sponsors and public appearances – I probably make more money right now as a guy who has been in the UFC for only a year, than probably 80% of the UFC, because I am putting myself out there. I’m working. Because you are in the UFC, money doesn’t just come to you. You still have to go out there and get it and I think a lot of people struggle with that.

I believe there is so much money to gain from being in the UFC outside of fighting. You should earn more money outside of the octagon than you do in it. That is my belief and that is what I am doing.”