Lose brain cells and raise your blood pressure as this sexist journalist talks Rousey/Carmouche

Wait, is this 2013? I thought I was just put on the edge of my seat because Liz Carmouche and Ronda Rousey partook in an incredible fight, not because I was titillated by their womanly figures and charms (full disclosure: 98% of MMA media are male and Liz Carmouche is a lesbian, so that wouldn’t really work out). Now Dave Begel, a contributing writer from OnMilwaukee.com and blatant sexist, has set everyone back at least a few hundred brain cells after this fascinating argument with Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten on Inside MMA about female MMA, and the blatant lust that all male MMA fans have for these women… Uh yeah.

So the equation works like this: brain cell count goes down and blood pressure goes up after watching this video. It sounds horrible with that description.