A Look at UFC 167’s Gate and Attendance Information

Look, when it comes down to it we all understand why the UFC wants Georges St-Pierre to stick around for a while longer; UFC 167 was, from what we can tell, a pretty resounding success. GSP is one of the biggest draws in UFC history, better yet, he’s a consistent draw, unlike someone like Brock Lesnar who was good to pop quick buys before fizzling out. UFC 167’s gate information has come in and it is the third-best gate in UFC history.

UFC 167 sits at third place, with UFC 129: GSP vs. Shields still sitting at the #1 spot. [link]

The event drew a total attendance of 14,856 while tallying up a gate of $5,759,350. Here are all the numbers:
Attendance: 14,856
Gate: $5,759,350
Tickets Sold: 13,621
Tickets Unsold: 57
Tickets Comped: 1,235