A Look at GLORY 15’s Ratings

GLORY 15 was this past weekend from Istanbul, Turkey. Being in Europe meant that Spike TV put it on tape delay, which, as everyone knows, sucks for everyone. Tape delay is an artifact of times long past and will, in the age of the internet, usually lead to nobody wanting to watch. I mean, we have the internet so we usually know what happens before something is aired. It can take the magic out of live sporting events, like GLORY 15.

I mean, hell, Tyrone Spong suffered a crazy injury at GLORY 15 so it was reported upon almost immediately, meaning that it was out there, people knew about it. So what exactly were these ratings? 354,000 average with a 720,000 peak. This is one of GLORY’s lowest numbers to date since joining Spike TV, but also took place the same night as a Manny Pacquiao fight (which was why the time was moved up an hour), was moved up an hour and was on tape delay. There was a lot working against this show being a success from the start.