Listen to the entire, insane UFC 158 conference call featuring a verbal war between GSP and Nick Diaz right here!

Just when we thought everything that could be said about GSP/Diaz was said over a year ago, UFC 158 holds one of the craziest conference calls in the history of the sport. Is this why Dana White gets so pissed when Nick Diaz skips media obligations? That seems to make sense, because this is without a shadow of a doubt, must-hear stuff right here.

A quick synopsis to whet every MMA fan’s appetite for destruction:

-Nick Diaz tells GSP that the fans want to see martial arts, not running and holding.

-GSP counters with a retort that Diaz is uneducated, then yells a lot!

-Diaz wishes he had the money GSP has.

-The conference call devolves into a shouting match.

-The faint sound of Dana White counting money is heard.

Just stop reading and click play on this video courtesy of SBNation right now! UFC 158 can’t come soon enough.
Diaz/GSP UFC 158 epic conference call