Listen to Chael Sonnen Talk About His Failed Drug Test


Chael Sonnen failed a drug test today, which is huge news, meaning that he got pulled from UFC 175. We all know that Chael Sonnen was on TRT before it was banned, but according to Sonnen he made sure that he didn’t fight while he was coming down from the testosterone replacement therapy because of the drugs that he claims that he had to take to get off of TRT. This is what Chael Sonnen told to Jay Mohr this afternoon, attempting to get ahead of the story.

It sounds legitimate on Chael Sonnen’s part, but then again, he did have a fight coming up and you’d have to think that his doctors would be working to get his levels in line. Sonnen also claims that he took TRT for fertility issues.

Sonnen’s segment starts at the 26 minute mark.