Let’s watch the first Fitch/Burkmann fight before WSOF 3 tomorrow.

Sometimes it’s important to go back to the past to relive memories, and in the fight game, it can create a road map of success. Now, herein lies the interesting facts of Fitch and Burkmann’s last fight — supposedly, Burkmann didn’t tap, or so he says:

“The other thing is at the end of the second round, I think there was two seconds left at the end of that second round and I was just putting my hand down so that I could get a little space. So I didn’t tap. I was saving my energy for the third round. So that’s kind of what I remember about it. That’s it.”

Was it a tap? I dunno. But we have the video here as a primer for their fight tomorrow night at the World Series of Fighting. It should be a good one. Watch it tomorrow Night on NBC Sports Net.