Let’s Watch Pettis vs. Bendo 1 to Help Prepare For This Weekend

With the MMA world the way that it is now there seems to be very little room for any particular fight to leave much of a legacy. Not many fights have a ton of build behind them, nor do they have any sort of lasting power or contain many moments that leave our jaws on the floor. When it came to the last WEC event, though, things were different. When Anthony Pettis stepped into the ring to challenge Benson Henderson for the WEC Lightweight Championship the stars were aligned to create a truly magical moment in MMA history. It was one of those fights that has somehow endured over time, in part thanks to Anthony Pettis leaping off of the cage and throwing a kick, but also for how competitive and entertaining the fight was.

This weekend at UFC 164 we get the privilege of seeing both men rematch, but before that, why not rewatch the first fight, thanks to the UFC?