Let Matt Hughes entertain you with his tales of the old days, then be confused why he doesn’t know what Batman looks like.

There’s nothing like letting a legend regale you with a near endless pool of fascinating stories of the golden years of MMA. Ah, what it must have been like, to rule the sport for years like Hughes. Ah yes, I remember, I’ve read all about it in his insane book; Made in America. If you want to read some of the wildest, behind-the-scenes you’ll ever want to know about in the history of martial arts, they are all in that book. Damn. Just thinking about that book has me go on tangents. Hughes got in so many ridiculous bar fights, he probably has 100 unconfirmed wins.

Back on track. For UFC 158 Matt Hughes was given a microphone and was told to answer the questions of nearly anybody who could form a sentence. There’s some real gold in here, including a guy claiming Renan Barao is boring, and what Hughes thinks of watching MMA on TV and teammates fighting each other. The best, however, is around the 16 minute mark, where a very obviously dressed GSP fan is mistaken for Batman or Superman by Matt Hughes.

Weird, Matt. How do you not know who Batman or Superman looks like?