King Mo is not a fan of MMA sites

King Mo doesn’t want to hear what you have to say, okay? He just doesn’t. Even if your advice is seemingly perfect, if you haven’t fought or taken part in a combat sport, well your opinion means nothing. Does mo realize that he’s called kickboxing matches (k-1 2010) and he’s never kickboxed? What the fuck do I care about a wrestler’s opinions on kickboxing?

This is what Mo said:

“I don’t go to that many websites. For what? So I can go read a bunch of stuff from fans who don’t know (expletive)?” said Lawal when asked if the criticism from fans about his “lucky” comment bothered him.

“What are they gonna tell me about fighting? How can a (expletive) tell me about my jab when he’s never thrown a jab before?

“Let’s be real. That’s like me saying, ‘Hey, you’re frying that chicken wrong,’ when I ain’t ever fried a chicken in my life.  Or, ‘Hey, you shouldn’t be cooking ribs that way,’ when I’ve never cooked ribs before. Or what about a pool? ‘That pool needs chlorine,’ when I have no idea what I’m talking about.”