Kim Winslow somehow manages to tarnish her reputation further with her reffing of Blanco/Sicilia.

Tonight at the TUF 17 finale, we got to see Kim Winslow’s befuddling refereeing once more. We’ve gotten on her about her late-stoppages, her confusing stand-ups and now she ruined a potential Fight of The Night contender between Maximo Blanco and Sam Sicilia.

Damn it.

Blanco and Sicilia went to war, throwing bombs and bringing the fight up, down and all around the cage, but Blanco’s shady insistence on grabbing the cage – and Winslow’s absolute disregard for taking a point from him after a HALF DOZEN warnings – ruined it all.

The fight could’ve been a draw, it could’ve even gone for Sicilia, but alas, Blanco was able to grab onto the cage time and time again, without a single point taken away. How many times can you warn someone and not punish them? For Kim, it seems like at least a dozen.

THEN, she warned Blanco for a 12 to 6 elbow that wasn’t even a 12 to 6 elbow, and knocked Blanco’s hand off the cage WHEN HE WASN’T grabbing it.

Ugh. I’m so confused.