Kickboxing Star Badr Hari Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison

If you aren’t aware of Kickboxing star Badr Hari, I don’t even know, the guy is a savage. He made his name in K-1 as the bad boy of K-1, ripping through some of the best fighters that K-1 had to offer and making it to the Finals of the K-1 World Grand Prix multiple times, just barely falling short. Badr Hari’s career since the downfall of the FEG era K-1 has been monumental, as he originally retired to become a professional boxer only for that to fall through thanks to visa issues in America and there being little interest or money immediately for him.

Badr Hari has a sad history of violence. In 2012 he attacked a Dutch millionaire named Koen Everink, beating him within an inch of his life, which resulted in Everink having a plate in his ankle and never being able to walk properly again. This went to the Dutch legal system, which meant that Badr spent some time in prison — about seven months — so that he could not tamper with witnesses, as they feared he’d do. The proceedings have been slow going, but today was finally the sentencing for Hari and he was sentenced to 18 months, with a six month suspended sentence.

Does that mean that he’s in prison, though? No. His legal team filed an immediate appeal, as did the prosecution, which means that this is still ongoing.