Ken Shamrock has an Awful Lot to Say About Dana White

Ken Shamrock is really lapping up the amount of publicity that he’s getting right now as he has once again called out Dana White for not respecting the guys who made the business what it is today. While I think that Shamrock’s motives right now are dubious at best, what he is saying isn’t exactly false. The UFC does have a tendency to try to whitewash their history to make it fit their narrative a bit better. What better way than to look at Ken’s adopted brother, Frank? Frank is a guy that should be a UFC Hall of Famer and be talked about regularly, but his beef with Dana White means that he basically never happened.

Weird, huh? Here’s a new interview with Ken where he talks more about Dana.

Dana White talks shit to the guys that make him money. When he decides that the guys that have made him money are done, and wants to cut the strings, he’s the first one to start talking smack about them. Look at Randy Couture, look at myself. They don’t want anyone else going in there asking for a piece of the PPV. They pulled all that away from these guys.

The people that are running the UFC are cutting out any history that might suggest that they didn’t create this thing, that they weren’t the ones that started it. Pancrase is just another one that’s getting cut out of the history. It’s going to continue like this, because the type of things that Dana does, that’s the type of characters and fan base we’re building for the future. You don’t think that kids look at Dana and idolize him? This is a guy that drops F bombs left and right, disrespects people whenever he feels like, has absolutely no morals… Ask his wife. Ask his mother. I mean, how many people have their mother turn their back on them?

I want everyone to understand that I’m not hating on Dana. Somewhere along the line, he’s going to have to answer for what he does, and I feel bad for him. I’ve gone through some times where I wasn’t doing the right things, and I was brought to my knees. It hurts, and I don’t wish that on anyone. At the same time, I can’t sit back, because I’m one of those people that has to speak my mind.