Ken Shamrock and Dana White are Friends Now, Kind Of

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

When you think about the UFC, sure, you’ll think about the Gracies, but there is one other name that will pop up; Ken Shamrock. Frank Shamrock might have been the better technical fighter and had a better run against better opposition, but Ken Shamrock was one of the early legends of the sport and made his name on the early UFC events. In fact, Ken Shamrock, for many people, was the UFC early on. Not Tank Abbott, not Royce Gracie, not anyone else, but Ken Shamrock.

Shamrock has been quietly shunned by the UFC over the past few years due to disagreements with Dana White, but according to TMZ, that has all come to an end. [source]

But now, both Dana and Ken confirm to TMZ Sports … they spoke on the phone earlier today and hashed out their issues for 45 minutes — and the end result was a truce.

Dana tells us, “Ken Shamrock and I spoke and we have squashed our beef.”

As for Shamrock … he says the call wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows — they addressed some tough issues — but in the end, were able to come to an understanding and decided to bury the hatchet.

“It’s bigger than us. It’s good for the UFC. It’s good for the fans.”