Kazushi Sakuraba Gets His Own Clothing Line

Well damn, apparently Kazushi Sakuraba has teamed up with UK clothing company Scramble to come up with his own clothing line, which right now is just one t-shirt, but it’s still Kazushi Sakuraba promoting something, which instantly makes it pretty awesome. According to this press release you can pick up your own Kazushi Sakuraba Scramble t-shirt now and it’ll be shipped to anywhere in the world, which is pretty rad.

UK-based martial arts brand Scramble is pleased to announce the first item in their official collaborations with Mixed Martial Arts legend, Kazushi Sakuraba.

This t-shirt boasts super soft washed cotton, a discharge and water based ink print with a number of extras and details.

Kazushi Sakuraba is one of the world’s most famous fighters, a man who built his legacy first beating the legendary Gracie family one after the other, and then through a combination of showmanship, creativity and heart, the likes of which is still rarely seen inside the MMA arena today.

This t-shirt is made with the full cooperation of Sakuraba’s offices and is available in the US and the UK / Rest of World at the following links:

Scramble Official Kazushi Sakuraba Collaboration Shirt

Scramble Official Kazushi Sakuraba Collaboration Shirt (USA)

Scramble is a martial arts brand based in the UK (www.scramblestuff.com) with a dedicated US reseller (www.scramblestuff.us) whose aim is to raise the level of the martial arts fashion industry in line with streetwear and casual wear brands worldwide, as well as provide first class technical equipment and apparel to martial artists.