Kawajiri vs. Guida Was Kind of Insane and Slamtastic

Clay Guida walked away with a clear-cut decision victory over Tatsuya Kawajiri, which we were all kind of expecting. What we weren’t expecting were all of the damned slams that we saw between Kawajiri and Guida. I mean, damn. Guida landed a huge right hand early on but was unable to finish and what followed was a grappling bout with tons of slams.

The moment that really stood out to me, obviously, was Tatsuya Kawajiri doing something just insane. What did Kawajiri do? He did a Gotch Style Piledriver on Clay Guida. First off, piledrivers and head spikes are illegal in the Unified Rules, but that doesn’t seem to matter. It was clear that Kawajiri was even going for this move, because there is no other reason to hook a leg and pick a guy up like this. Guida was able to partially move out of the way, but still, we got a Gotch Style Piledriver on a UFC event. Whoa.

GIF from ZProphetMMA.