K-1 Signs Former UFC/Strikeforce Fighter Paul Daley

Paul Daley, known adoringly by his fans as “Semtex” has dedicated most of 2014 to the sport of Kickboxing and it looks like he’s serious about it. How serious? Paul Daley has signed a new deal with K-1 Global, which will see him debut for K-1 in July at their K-1 World MAX Finals event in Thailand. The event will crown a 70kg MAX champion between Buakaw Banchamek and Enriko Kehl.

Paul Daley will be fighting for K-1 in their 80kg division (175lbs, give or take). The promotion plans to crown a champion in the weight class within the year, so one would have to think that Paul Daley will be heavily involved in that decision to move forward. Daley spoke about the idea to join K-1.  “K-1, ‘THE’ K-1. What an honour it is for me to be part of such a great legacy and I hope that I can be part of the journey to re-establish the powerhouse brand that K-1 is capable of being. I’m going to fight hard, always look for the knockouts, entertain and aspire to be the champion, I ask for all my supporters from MMA to join me on my kickboxing journey.”