K-1 Announces January 11th Event in Spain

The Kickboxing world continues to turn as K-1 Global has announced one of their two K-1 World MAX Quarter Final events, this one being held in Gran Canaria, Spain on January 11th. This event will feature two of the Quaterfinal bouts for this year’s K-1 World MAX 2013 tournament (I know, it’s happening in 2014, but stay with me here), with the other two fights most likely happening on a yet-to-be-announced December 28th event in China.

Here’s a breakdown of the card; [link]

K-1 MAX Quarter Final: Elam Ngor vs. Lee Sung-Hyun
K-1 MAX Quarter Final: Maximo Suarez vs. Shane Campbell
David Calvo vs. Chad Sugden
Damian Garcia vs. Alcorac Caballero
Moises Baute vs. Razvan Floria
Alejandro Rodriguez vs. Tural Bayrmov
Aitor Alonso vs. TBA