K-1 Announces Battle for Spain on April 12th

Adding to the world of Kickboxing news today, K-1 has announced that on April 12th they will return to Spain for ‘The Battle for Spain,’ featuring some of their new, homegrown, Spanish stars. The event will be streamed live on their website, http://www.k-1.tv for free on April 12th.

70kg: Maximo Suarez (Spain) VS Elam Negor (Spain)
86kg: Denis Marjanivic (Serbia) VS Moises Ruibal (Spain)
+100kg: George Collin (Holland) VS Mario Jagatic (Croatia)
63kg: Cristian Barrionueveo (Spain) VS Zakaria Zougarry (Morocco)
70kg: Miodrag Olar (Romania) VS Alejandro Rodriguex (Spain)
95kg: Adam Hart (England) VS Jose IIaneras (Spain)
More fights will be added in the coming weeks.