Just show Mighty Mouse Johnson the money

Hey, how can you blame Mighty Mouse for wanting to take care of his family for life? It’s a noble cause, and sure, maybe it isn’t as romantic as a title defense record chase, but that’s only because people forget oh so often about the people behind the fighter. Yes, MMA is an individual sport, but there are many, many people behind that single fighter, and Mighty Mouse just wants to take care of them.


“I want my son and my wife to have a good life and never have to worry about anything. I wasn’t handed anything in this sport, I’ve never had any easy fights and I’ve just been working hard to get where I am.”

“I’m not going to set my goal to beat Anderson Silva’s title defense record, my bigger end-game goal is when I’m done fighting, I never have to work again.”

“I love doing this sport, and it all comes down to how long my body can last, I’m only 27, so if the time comes when I’m 34, I’ll walk away when I’m 34. But as of right now, I’m set on 38.”