Junior Dos Santos Thought He Got Knocked Out in Second Round, Has Memory Lapses

So this Saturday night Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velaqeuz met in the ring for the third time, with the UFC Heavyweight Championship on the line. JDS absolutely did some damage to Cain throughout the fight, but without a doubt JDS took a brunt of the punishment in the bout. So much so that the fight should have been stopped way sooner than it was. Some people are still apprehensive about that, as JDS was clearly still game throughout the fight, landing devastating shots to the champion throughout all five rounds, but it turns out he was on autopilot.

It’s not uncommon for fighters who take a beating to have memory lapses from fights and in the case of JDS, his lapse was from the second round on. In fact, he doesn’t even remember the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan in the cage. This is by way of FightersOnly.

Junior Dos Santos does not remember most of the UFC 166 fight with Cain Velasquez. Afterwards he was under the impression he had been knocked out in the second round. His corner believe he fought from round two onwards “on autopilot”.