Junior Dos Santos Switches to Nova Uniao Training Camp

If I’m Junior Dos Santos and I just took the beating that I took against Cain Velasquez to end out a trilogy, there are probably a few things that I want to change up. In fact, that is exactly the case as Junior Dos Santos has once again decided to change his training camp, as he has moved from training under the Nogueira Brothers to Nova Uniao, much to the dismay of Team Nog.

The reality here is that if you don’t have a deep connection with your fight team and if things aren’t going as well as you think they could be there is very little reason to stick around. In the case of Junior Dos Santos his ultimate goal is to once again become the king of UFC’s Heavyweight division and if he saw that not happening under the tutelage of the Nog Brothers, why not switch? Nova Uniao is getting a lot of positive press right now with Jose Aldo’s legendary Featherweight title run and a new camp might help Junior Dos Santos to turn things around. [source]