Junior Dos Santos on Overeem; ‘This Guy is a Joke’

So it looks like for now our dreams of seeing Alistair Overeem and Junior Dos Santos smash each other’s faces in will have to wait until Overeem is healed up and until we find out what happens between Mark Hunt and JDS. That doesn’t mean that the bad blood between the two fighters is through by a long shot, as JDS had some choice words to say about his would-be opponent in Tatame.

“I think this guy is a joke. He’s a big man when he’s pumped up from taking ‘the bomb’ for the fight, and is talking a lot of nonsense. I have nothing to do with him. He can follow his own career and do what he thinks best. I’ll follow mine and if one day we are collide and he does not have any problem, we will fight. “

Is it wrong that I just want to see this fight happen even more now? Dos Santos surprisingly had great things to say about Mark Hunt, calling him a very tough guy and citing his K-1 history. Interesting to note that Alistair Overeem also has a K-1 WGP victory under his belt, but maybe JDS is a K-1 hipster who feels like 2010 K-1 wasn’t as legit as 2001 K-1? [h/t]