Junior Dos Santos Isn’t Into Ronda Rousey, But Thinks that Miesha Tate is Way Hot

The UFC has been doing its whole world tour thing to promote their upcoming cards and I’m not gonna take away from them, because they serve their purpose, but when it comes to actual stories coming out of them? Well, there isn’t much going on. Junior Dos Santos spoke about this on his trip to Brazil and how he was kind of upset that Cain Velasquez opted not to go to Brazil due to the “violence” going on there, but he also talked about how he had to face off with Cain so many times that eventually both guys would just crack up laughing whenever they looked at each other.

It’s really nice to hear the human side of these guys once in a while, that is for sure. The topic of the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter came up and JDS seemed to be blown away by Miesha Tate, not just her skills, but to be more accurate, her looks. He actually seems a bit smitten, which is kind of cute in a way, right?

“I was impressed on how Miesha is gorgeous,” dos Santos praised. “Not that Ronda isn’t beautiful, but let’s say she’s more ‘regular’. She’s cute. But Miesha is really gorgeous. Have you seen her already? On TV, I thought she was normal, but when I met her… My God!”