Junior Dos Santos Blames Cain’s Game Plan For ‘Boring’ Fight

I’m at the point where after the third meeting with Cain Velasquez I’d love to see a brain scan from Junior Dos Santos. This man has to have suffered some brain damage, that or he just has a hard time admitting defeat and can’t come to grips with reality. I’m not sure which one I believe at this point, especially after Junior Dos Santos took such a massive beating against Cain.

In a recent interview that he did, Junior Dos Santos talked about how he still feels that he is the number one contender and that Cain isn’t the better fighter, he just had a better game plan going into the fight. In other news, I’m listening to Shine on You Crazy Diamond. [link]

I still consider myself one of the main challengers to the title. He showed that he had an effective strategy to win the fight, looking to play it safe while not taking many chances to show he was the better fighter, blocking my punches in a way that is typical of wrestlers. He applied pressure, grabbing hold of me and avoiding the fight, making the fight boring, making the audience boo a lot. An effective strategy to win, but he didn’t prove he was the better fighter.