Julie Kedzie Takes Over Invicta FC’s Matchmaking

Julie Kedzie has made a pretty good impact upon the world of Women’s MMA, making it all the way to the UFC before she decided to hang up her gloves and head into retirement, but that doesn’t mean that her impact on Women’s MMA is done, not by a long shot. Julie Kedzie announced yesterday that she has taken a position with Invicta FC as their matchmaker.

This means that Julie Kedzie will still be able to help out Women’s MMA in her own, unique way. [source]

“I’m very happy to announce that I’ve been in talks with Shannon Knapp and I’m going to be Invicta FC’s new matchmaker,” Kedzie said. “So I’m going to be taking on the role as matchmaker of the company, going to work hoping to help developing the careers of other female fighters. Bring them up to the sports, get them the attention they deserve and hopefully promote the sport a little bit on the sidelines now and have a role where I can help people. Face to face, get them what they need.”

“And I’m really excited about it. I’m terrified, but excited.”