Josh Thomson Equates Gay Marriage to Incest and Pedophilia

Look, guys, we try not to push any sort of worldview upon anyone, especially when it comes to hot button issues like gay marriage, but I think that everyone can agree that gay marriage is about two people of the same gender wanting to marry each other. It doesn’t matter if you agree with the concept or not, but the idea is a lot like heterosexual marriage, just with two guys or two girls instead of a guy and a girl. Pretty simple, right?

Well, for Josh Thomson, apparently he believes that if you start changing laws around that we’ll have a hard time drawing the line and that some terrible atrocities might happen because of this. What kind of atrocities, you ask? Stuff like a sister and brother getting married or even an adult marrying a child. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that there is a big difference between homosexuality and stuff like incest and pedophilia. Sometimes all of those things can mix together, but that also happens with heterosexuality as well.

You can check out Brent Brookhouse’s whole breakdown of the ordeal which has us shaking our collective heads over it.