Josh Thomson considering retirement after split-decision loss to Henderson

The 36-year-old former Strikeforce lightweight champion, and former number one contender to Anthony Pettis’ title isn’t having an easy time processing his loss to Ben Henderson last night at UFC on FOX 10. I personally saw it for Thomson, via position dominance, but he really didn’t do much with that position, and in the end, I can’t argue against Ben taking the fight.

All of this leads to Josh Thomson wondering if he should hang up the gloves. Quotes from the post-fight media session:

“This might be it, man, you train this hard for this long. I just see my title shots [expletive] disappearing.”

“I’ve had this all in my head. A 15-, 16-week camp will do that to you. I’m no spring chicken, so you start thinking about it. Two practices a day for six days a week, 16 weeks; that’s an NFL season. I get hit more than guys in the NFL and they get paid way more.

“Everybody needs to know [when] their time has come. Maybe it’s not mine right now, but I also don’t want to be that person that fights not knowing when it’s time to quit.”

“I beat the former UFC champion. The guy was here for two years, and I beat him with one hand. That’s what I can’t stomach. I’m a better fighter. That’s what pisses me off.”

“Realistically, I’m just going to go home, have a talk with my family and talk with my coaches, and I’m probably going to sit down with Dana and see which direction we want to go. That’s really what it comes down to is just getting the whole team together, seeing what the plans are for me.”