Josh Gow Gives His Side of Julianna Pena Injury

The fallout from Julianna Pena’s training injury has been quite a doozy, as Dana White insisted that it was members of the gym attacking her for wearing TUF gear, while everyone else seems to be okay with the situation and claim that it was just a training injury. What is clear is Julianna Pena is out of action for a while, but according to Josh Gow, he’s not to blame.
“Julianna text me and asked me if I was at the gym and I told her ‘yeah.’ Then she came in, got ready to go and I asked her if she was ready — we just started rolling and it was our first round. We were about two minutes in to it, it was just submission wrestling, grappling, rolling or whatever you want to call it and I took back position off the wall — as we were falling away from the wall, with my hooks in she was supporting my weight as I was going for a RNC, her knee twisted in a weird way and we are where we are at today. It was all really terrible.”

“I train with Jules on a very regular basis. We were just going in there, it was a submission grappling bout and there was nothing different. It was slow paced, it was the first round and it was a freak accident, that’s all it was. There’s really nobody that can explain it, it was just a freak accident at the gym.”

“I don’t think Sikjitsu should have gotten drug under the radar. We have a very good gym — we’re very together as a gym, we may have an odd way of doing stuff, but we’ve produced three UFC fighters. We’re obviously doing something right.”

“I want my name to be pronounced in a good way and not be remembered as somebody that hurt my training partner or that was in an accident with my training partner. It’s gotten blown out of proportion and I really think it’s pretty horrible of the media to have set somebody out as an attacker and not to get all the facts before coming out with all this stuff.”

“I hope Julianna’s injury gets cleared up fast and she’s back at it as soon as she can.”