Josh Burkman Feels that Mazzagatti Criticism Might Be Too Harsh

Josh Burkman just kind of seems like a nice guy sometimes, which is a hard task for a MMA fighter sometimes. Especially one that just choked a top level MMA fighter unconscious, an act which has caused an uproar against MMA referee Steve Mazzagatti. Burkman has spoken out today about the fight and referee Steve Mazzagatti in particular, noting that the reaction might be a bit too much for what it was.

He admits that Mazz was out of place, but that it happens in MMA. Speaking with today he explained this further, including this whole weird thing about how Mazzagatti was “feeling the fight’s energy.” Yeah.

“I think it’s a little harsh,” he said. “I think that part of it is justified. I think he could have been down there in a better position, but I think Mazzagatti maybe felt the flow of the energy in the fight. He knew I was going to take care of it, lay him down nicely and get out of the way.”