Josh Barnett Finds Redemption in Round One Stoppage Over Frank Mir

My god, if you have been a fan of Josh Barnett it has been a long road to redemption. Josh Barnett is a guy who has made a lot of mistakes in his career, some of those mistakes involved getting caught while other guys weren’t, but that is another time and another place. Tonight was Josh Barnett’s long-awaited return to UFC, ten years in the making. He was matched up against Frank Mir and many felt that Barnett was being overrated by many fans, that he stood no chance against Frank Mir.

When the bell rang it became increasingly clear that Frank Mir was incredibly outmatched against Barnett, as Barnett’s striking and clinchwork put Mir into the corner. Barnett landed a few great strikes before a knee finally put Mir to sleep, the ref pulling Barnett off before more damage could be done, even if Mir protested. Props to ZombieProphet on the GIF.