Josh Barnett doesn’t think his fight with Travis Browne will go very long

When you think about UFC 168, flashes of armbars, Rondas, Anderson and Weidmans dance through your head, but I feel like everyone is forgetting about Josh Barnett vs. Travis Browne. I mean, my God. If Barnett wins here, he has an argument for a title shot depending on what Werdum does, and who knows how long Cain will be out. Maybe an interim heavyweight title should happen?

Either way, this fight is going to be awesome, and Barnett is bringing those mic skills once again. Barnett appeared on the Sherdog Radio Network and said this:

“I see Alistair as a beatable person,” said Barnett. “I’ve seen him get knocked out in person before. I’ve also seen him clean people’s clocks… But I was surprised [Browne] was able to come back from getting dropped from a body shot like that. It goes to show intestinal fortitude will get you a long way.”

“I think [Browne’s] record speaks for itself. He’s had plenty of success in the ring. He’s earned his way to his prominence in the UFC. The only real way to find out what I [think] of his skills in the ring is to go out there and fight him.”

“[It’s] striker versus grappler for the most part. But I don’t think it’s going to be a long fight.”