Josh Barnett Has a 12-Step Plan to Return to the Top

Josh Barnett’s last fight against Travis Browne was a bit of a disappointment to both fans and Barnett himself as Josh Barnett was knocked out within 60 seconds, not showing much of the spark that the Warmaster had shown in the past. Of course, Josh Barnett is not happy with this and is looking to make some changes into his life and training to get things back on track for him.

Josh Barnett appeared on the MMA Hour today and unveiled this new, 12-step plan and, well, it’s a very Josh Barnett 12-step plan. [source]

Step 1: Remove outside distractions, focus solely on fighting

Step 2: Move camp away from home, narrow focus, remove convenience

Step 3: Pre-camp harder

Step 4: Increase flexibility

Step 5: Work more on weaknesses

Step 6: Spend more time on recovery

Step 7: Work on learning a new language

Step 8: Kill

Step 9: Kill

Step 10: Kill

Step 11: Kill

Step 12: Kill