Joseph Valtellini Credits Social Media for His Rise to Fame


Canadian Kickboxer Joseph Valtellini went from relative obscurity just two years ago to one of the biggest names in the sport in the blink of an eye. Now Joseph Valtellini will be challenging for the GLORY Welterweight Championship at GLORY Last Man Standing on June 21st against Champion Marc de Bonte. It’s safe to say that things are looking up for Valtellini. Outside of his hard work and dedication, though, what does he credit? His fans on social media. [source]

“I’m very thankful to the people on social media because when that Marc de Bonte/Karapetyan fight was going on people were tweeting that, you know, I was the one that deserved that spot and so forth. I really have to thank people for being educated on the sport and for believing that I’m worthy of that title.

“It is absolutely where I belong, though,” he is quick to add. “Whether or not Holzken is in the equation, that is a fight that we’ll see again I’m sure and I’ve learned so much since that fight and from that fight, but no matter it being Holzken or De Bonte with that title, this is where I belong right now and I’m going to win that title.”

Look for Joseph Valtellini vs. Marc De Bonte on June 21st at GLORY Last Man Standing.