Jose Aldo’s Favorite Fighter of All-Time: Fedor Emelianenko

Look, there is a reason why Jose Aldo is such an amazing bad ass, and that has to be that he’s just a really cool dude who happens to flip a switch in the ring and go into crazy kill mode. It is amazing to watch, like poetry in motion. Admit it, you’ll never take Cub Swanson seriously, no matter how far he goes, because Jose Aldo did a flying double knee to the face that knocked him out cold in 8 seconds.

So who does Jose Aldo look up to? It’s amazing, as even his taste in fighters is what we would consider immaculate.

When he is asked about the Greatest of All Time he doesn’t follow the UFC’s logic of Anderson Silva or GSP, no, he digs back to pull out a pretty sweet top five, with himself at number five. According to Aldo it is Fedor, Royce, Liddell, Anderson and then himself. I can live with that.