Jose Aldo Was in the Hospital with Kidney Stones

After his UFC 163 victory over Chan Sung Jung, Jose Aldo was sent to the hospital due to a broken foot, but as we found out today, it was also because of some recurring kidney stone issues that he’s had. A lot of people have been critical of Jose Aldo’s performance against Jung, but if he was also suffering from a bad kidney stone then ouch, just ouch.

While I consider myself lucky to have never have dealt with a kidney stone before, I know people that have and apparently it really, really sucks. Seeing as though one of the leading contributing factors to kidney stones is dehydration and that Aldo is a guy that makes a pretty hefty cut it isn’t hard to imagine where it came from. It appears that he’s doing a bit better now, though.

A Brazilian Athletic Commission representative confirmed Aldo’s condition to He added that Dr. Tannure said Aldo already had a history of kidney stones and that on Wednesday he was already at home and resting.

Aldo will also have to undergo an evaluation from the Brazilian commission before he is approved to fight again, but Dr. Tannure made it sound like the kidney condition wasn’t expected to be an issue