Jose Aldo vs. Anthony Pettis Rumored for UFC Lightweight Title

One of the questions asked after UFC 169 last night was for Jose Aldo and it was if he’d consider moving up in weight to fight Anthony Pettis for the UFC Lightweight Championship. Aldo’s response was pretty simple; of course he’d love to fight Anthony Pettis. What was kind of awkward and funny was we saw the process unfold a bit during the press conference as Dana White explained that Jose Aldo would have to surrender the UFC Featherweight Championship to challenge for that title and that they would immediately crown a new champion. If Jose Aldo were to lose he’d get a shot at his UFC Featherweight Championship directly after.

Then Anthony Pettis was apparently calling Dana White on his flip phone, which was getting spotty service, and said that he’d be all-in for a fight against Jose Aldo. It looks like the fight just needs a date and contracts, but we’ve heard other “super fights” being sure things before only for them to never materialize, right?