Jose Aldo vows revenge on Team Alpha Male

USA Today/Stephen Sylvanie

See, this is cool. This is the type of stuff we need more of in MMA: feuds. Camp-wide feuds like Chute Boxe vs. Hammer House back in the Pride days. I fully embrace Nova Uniao vs. Team Alpha Male. This is great. I hope Jose Aldo and Renan Barao officially have a chip on their shoulder, and with Aldo vs. Mendes 2 on the horizon, it can lead to some good stuff.

Remember when Urijah Faber signed up Barao to Duane Ludwig’s Muay Thai class? It’s lit a fire under Aldo:

“It was lack of respect. We always defeat them, Faber always lost to us and we never did that. We always respected them. We always tried to help them, like when they came here to the gym. We never disrespected them. But it’s cool. Let’s be patient, we will meet again. I have a fight coming up with Chad (Mendes), and Barao, God willing, will fight Dillashaw again and we will get the payback.”