Jose Aldo Looking For Concessions in Possible Pettis Super Fight

Jose Aldo has expressed interest in fighting Anthony Pettis in a Super Fight after so many Super Fights have fallen through for the UFC in the past years. If you were to look back throughout UFC history you’d mostly see BJ Penn involved with Super Fights, or Randy Couture, making them a rarity in the fight game. For Jose Aldo there would be some serious repercussions for him to fight in a Super Fight against Anthony Pettis, to the tune of having to abandon his UFC Featherweight Championship, which seems like a steep price considering that Anthony Pettis would not have to make such a concession.

According to Jose Aldo’s team, they seem to feel that the UFC is being a bit difficult on this one. [source]

“(A catchweight) would be interesting for both,” Pederneiras said. “They would keep the belts and do the fight everybody wants to see. Nobody wants to take the other’s title, we want to see the fight and do a great show for everybody. Aldo would move up a little, Pettis cuts a little, and it’s good for everybody.”

Only problem is, no one else seems to be on board with this idea.

“It’s not an option that was given to us,” Pettis’ manager Mike Roberts told on Wednesday. “[The UFC] wants the fight at 155 pounds.”

So what do you think, do you agree with Anthony Pettis and his team that the fight should happen at Lightweight, or with Jose Aldo’s team that it should happen at a Catchweight and not hurt one of the competitors?