Jorina Baars Rocks Cris Cyborg to Decision Victory


Damn was that an exciting fight between Jorina Baars and Cris Cyborg at Lion Fight 14. Jorina Baars is well known on the European Kickboxing and Muay Thai circuit but came into Lion Fight 14 as a relative unknown, but damn did she put up a great fight against Cris Cyborg Justino. Cyborg looked strong early on, but then things went wrong.

Jorina was getting pushed back and landed a beautiful push kick to the face, which should have been a down, then followed it up with a beautiful head kick that put Cyborg down! Cyborg rallied in round two a bit, which was a close round. Round three was a lot of the same, although Baars got what should have been considered another knockdown that Tony Weeks didn’t count. Cyborg roared back in round four with some strong punches and dumps, but not enough to discourage Baars.

Round five saw Baars put Cyborg down with a spinning back kick to the body, with that securing the decision victory for her. The fight was just madness, though, and should be watched.

GIFs by ZProphet.