Jon Jones Wants to Defend UFC Light Heavyweight Title Against Alexander Gustafsson

When it comes to UFC champions, not many pick out their next opponent, that is usually the job for Dana White, or at least for the contender to make a compelling argument. In the case of Chael Sonnen, he offered to step in to fight Jon Jones on short notice, only for the event to fall apart due to Jones refusing the fight. This, of course, moved for Dana White to make the fight happen and to pit the two against each other in a season of The Ultimate Fighter. Go figure.

Jones is already looking for his next title fight after Sonnen, as it is clear to him that he’ll easily defeat Sonnen. The name that comes to mind for him is UFC Light Heavyweight standout Alexander Gustafsson from Sweden. Don’t consider this Jones calling out Gustafsson, though, because Jones is the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, he doesn’t call guys out. Instead, he references a video that Gustafsson made calling Jones out and this was Jones accepting that challenge.

He also notes that Alexander Gustafsson is a “respectable” guy who asked for his fight without trash talking and is being a good sport about it. [Source: MMAJunkie]