Jon Jones Urges Anderson Silva to Stay Out of the Ring

Jon Jones is a guy that I don’t always agree with, which is something that I’m sure many of you can understand. Jon Jones has been outspoken over the past few years and honestly, he’s a point in his life where he is doing a lot of growing, a lot of maturing and with him having so many platforms to express himself sometimes the messages get a bit crossed. Honestly the UFC should be looking into protecting him a bit more, but expecting much from them seems like a pipedream at this point, because it wouldn’t be “raw” to filter Jon Jones.

I’m happy to say that Jon Jones is growing up and maturing, that the messages that he’s conveying are having a bit more cohesion to them now. Look no further than his thoughts on Anderson Silva. [source]

“To see such a magnificent career and legacy get tarnished by two losses, two kind of flukish losses – I wouldn’t call the first one a fluke – it sucks,” he said. “It leaves a weird taste in your mouth, like it’s not supposed to end that way. What I’m hoping is that people remember Anderson for all the magnificent things he’s done, and all the lives he’s touched, and all the people he’s inspired, and I’m hoping that Anderson just stays away from the sport and continues to be an inspiration outside of the octagon.

“You mean not fight again?” Dukes sought clarification.

“Not fight again,” Jones said of Silva. “Anderson can do seminars, he can do motivational speaking, he can help all the kids in Brazil, I mean he’s such an idol. His greatness has just begun, but I think in the Octagon, I think it’s been already fun.”