Jon Jones Thinks That Floyd Mayweather’s Pay is Ridiculous in a Good Way

Jon Jones is probably the biggest star in the UFC right now, which you can take any which way you want. Some will see it as a good thing, others will see it as a part of a UFC slump. I’m kind of in the middle on it, as Jones is a great athlete and will most likely sit atop of the Light Heavyweight division for as long as he wants, but that doesn’t always endear itself to the masses.

Right now he’s probably the closest thing that the UFC has to a Floyd Mayweather. He sounded off on Floyd’s recent payday and seems to be pretty positive on it.

“His swagger, his work ethic shined through,” Jones told reporters at a Monday media luncheon in downtown LA. “It’s great to see a champion show his heart and his winning ways. It’s great to see a champion get what he deserves. That really, really encourages me.”

Of course, Jones also got a look at Mayweather’s payday, one which underscored the boxing great’s nickname of “Money,” with a guaranteed minimum of $40.5 million: “It’s ridiculous, in a good way,” he said.