Jon Jones talks UFC 172 and being ‘centered’ for his fight with Teixeira

Well this is just an interesting interview from For so long, I’ve kind of held Jon Jones’ weird personality against him, but now that he has power and is using it to promote himself and others around him as athletes and martial artists that are to be respected, that’s changed quite a bit.

Still, I take this for a fairly large grain of salt, but I’m happy Jones is being his own man.

“It’s been well documented that we postponed a lot of different events that I was supposed to be in. The reason being I really just wanted to be home for the holidays. I felt like after that (Alexander) Gustafsson fight it was important for me to be happy and be centered and I feel like I am there now.”

“I know that I’m a lot different from some of the guys from the past. Guys like Chuck Liddell, and guys like Matt Hughes that would just get up and do anything, anytime, and never voice their opinion. I’m trying to change a lot of things in the game. Making sure the fighters are being respected, making sure our own brands are being respected, things like that. We just don’t always see eye to eye on everything, either way it works out.”