Jon Jones Sees 30 as a Retirement Point for Himself

Say what you will about Jon Jones, his ego and everything else in between, but Jon Jones is an incredible talent and quite possibly one of the best that we’ve seen in MMA’s short history. Will Jon Jones move on to take the throne of being called the Greatest of All time? It’s not clear right now, as it looks like Jon Jones is planning on retiring at age 30.

If that seems soon, it kind of is, as Jon Jones is 26 right now with a record of 19-1, which means that we might only have about four years left to watch Jon Jones continue to grow and evolve as a fighter. It kind of sucks with sports that athletes get cut off due to age restrictions, doesn’t it? I guess that is why I prefer artistic endeavors, as you can just keep going until you are old enough to die.

Jones is fully aware of that, and even if he’s still considered the world’s best fighter at 30, he believes continuing beyond that point would only tarnish his reputation.

“Right now, where I’m at financially, I never thought I would be, so I could honestly retire today… I just want to leave the sport with a good head on my shoulders, I don’t want to be one of these guys that are taking fights way past their prime.”