Jon Jones puts ‘delusional’ Gustafsson on blast

Finally, Jon! Finally you speak your mind. Embrace the dark side. You’re a natural heel and this works so much better for you. Also – yes, you totally beat Gus, and I even wrote about how you absolutely won and Gus was being delusional saying you were avoiding him. You beat him! Just because he took a few rounds from you doesn’t mean he beat you!

Jon went to FOX and had this awesome quote:

“I respected him a lot more before we fought,” Jones said. “I’ll tell you what, he has so much arrogance for someone who didn’t win.”

“I find it funny, because Gustafsson lost the fight fair and square,” Jones said. “I will admit he won Round 1 and Round 3, but that’s it. I won the fight. I’ve never heard someone chirp so much who lost. I could see if I poked him in the eye and the fight had to be stopped or I caught him with a big punch while he was winning and it was a fluke or something. But it was nothing like that.”

“We fought our hearts out,” Jones said. “I proved that I have three times the heart that he did.”

“He needs to close his mouth and go back to the drawing board,” Jones said, “and humbly come back for a second chance.”