Jon Jones on Matt Mitrione: ‘He’s a Scumbag’

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones has been outspoken for as long as people have been giving him the time of day, so it shouldn’t shock anyone when he finally starts talking about his upcoming fight against Chael Sonnen at UFC 159 that he starts to bare his teeth. He’s been relatively quiet in the lead up to this fight, almost refusing to sell the fight because of how it doesn’t feel that legitimate to many, himself included.

Well, there have been some ridiculous rumors of late about Chael Sonnen making $10 million in this upcoming fight and that was one rumor that he was happy to squash in an interview with MMAJunkie. He of course also joked about Matt Mitrione, who was formerly employed by Jon’s manager, Malki Kawa, then went to a bit of a dark place from there, talking about Mitrione’s suspension for insulting transgender fighter Fallon Fox.

“I think he’s terrible for that,” Jones said. “It’s ridiculous. I think Fallon Fox, that’s a strong person. Despite what the person has been through in their life, that’s a strong person. I’m a fan of that person because of what they’ve gone through and what they’re willing to go through.

“People like Matt Mitrione are scumbags. He’s a scumbag. I don’t care if he’s off suspension or doesn’t fight again. He’s a ridiculous person.”

I’ll note that Jones refers to Fox as simply “that person,” which is kind of weird.